How to Advertise Your Website for free

Advertising is essential and vital part of doing online business. Without Doing Advertising you cannot established your online business. Sometimes it is harder to manage the funds for the paid advertising since it costs you high. Many of us even don't try paid advertising at first because it needs investment. So, For your convinience I want to share you some options through which you can promote your website for free.

Classified sites

Classified sites are mostly and widely used medium to advertise your business. You can buy and sell your products for free. Through classified sites you can post ads locally or targeted your ads geographically. Some of the most popular classified sites are:-

OLX.inQuickr.comcraiglist.comAdlandpro.comand so on

Social Networking Sites

Social Networking sites gives you the opportunity to advertise your business or website to huge people for free. Like, Google+, and many more.If you have a large number of friends list in these social sites you can get a huge visitors for your website. Social Networking Sites Like Facebook, Google+ allow to make Fan Page for your website or business.

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Traffic exchange sites

Traffic excahnges sites gives you high traffic in less time. You simply have to earn cedits for your site by surfing other sites. The most bad part of it is that the most traffic are junk since user visit your site only for credits. Most PPC programs like Google Adsense etc does not allow you to use traffic exchange if you are using them on your site.


Forums are some of best and free ways to get traffic for your website. It will also give you quality Backlinks for your website. There are some of the leading Webmasters forum available like: -

These forums are allow you to advertise your website or services in your forum signature or in their Buy or Sell section. You also have to abide yourself with their terms of use. Never try to spaming in forums otherwise you will be banned.Here are the few mediums through which you can get huge traffic for free and its true that it will take some time. But Its really worth it. If you like this article you can share it with others or if you have any suggestions regarding free traffic you can share it with me by commenting below. Thanks for reading.

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