Pur3x, Your home based business solution.

The next BIG COMPANY is about to be created. You can sit on the sidelines and watch it go by - or you join the team and get in on the GROUND FLOOR!

Opportunities like this happen only once or twice in a lifetime. As we define the next phase of the beverage industry, will YOU be a part of it? Or will it pass you by?

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This combination of the perfect product with perfect timing - fused with our revolutionary compensation model - will create Millionaires! If you have ever wanted a chance to live your dreams, this is it.

We are launching a new category inside of the $500 billion worldwide beverage industry called "Designer Beverages" - and you have a chance to be in on the very ground floor.

Most Millionaires are no smarter than anyone else - they simply found themselves in the right place at the right time and did something about it. Just one half of one percent market share creates a $500 Million company - and we are just getting started - YOU can be one of the very first!

  • "I know how to recognize powerful and growing market trends and execute the launch of extraordinary opportunities. In my early twenties I launched 100 franchises and created many young millionaires. I'm about to do it again with Pure3x Designer Beverage Club and you can be a part of it."

    - Andrew Rinehart, CEO & Founder Pure3x Designer Beverage Club

  • "As a successful entrepreneur, I recognize the power of being in the right place at the right time. The Designer Beverage concept has the power to be the next big thing. If you have ever wanted to be involved at the beginning of something that has the potential to create Millionaires, this could very well be it."

    - Leisha M., Atlanta, GA

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To receive more information about Pur3x simplyCLICK HEREand fill out the registration form and I will send you more information by email.

"This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to start their own business. It has excellent Leadership who have proven themselves in this business already. It has wonderful products. And of course there is a chance to make an incredible income. While I can't promise you anything, If you want to know more, click the link above and fill out the form. Then we'll see if this is for you. I'd love to talk to you so make sure you leave you phone number. Hopefully we'll build this business together."

Now here is a little about our products.

Designer Beverages: A Hot New Innovation In The Mega-Billion Dollar Beverage Industry

It's never been done before: until now. Designer Beverages. Why not? We have designer clothes, designer shoes, and designer cars - why not create a powerful new segment of the beverage industry to include Designer Beverages? Done deal.

So what is a Designer Beverage? Simply put - it's a delicious beverage "Designed" for a very specific health oriented need. The possibilities are endless. Since healthy energy is the foundation for everything in life, our first Designer Beverages will be Pur Renew and Pur Revolution. Both Pur Renew and Pur Revolution address the need for more energy. We like to call them "enthusiasm in a can." While Pur Renew contains some caffeine, Pur Revolution is non-caffeinated. Drink these delicious beverages and feel vibrant, energetic and ready to conquer your day. Both contain excellent health giving ingredients. Both work in minutes, and last for hours.

So what's next? Imagine the hottest products in the health, wellness, anti-aging and weight management industries. Products for brain function & mental acuity, appetite suppression, weight loss, bone & joint health, relaxation & better sleep, cardiovascular health, better skin hair & nails, a stronger immune system, athletic performance, enhanced moments of intimacy and much more - The very best that nature and science have to offer - all delivered in a trendy, well-branded, convenient, delicious 8.4 oz beverage. Let your imagination run wild. Each new product launch opens up a new world of possibilities.

So why on earth would you drink an unhealthy or inferior beverage when you can now get paid to enjoy and share a Designer Beverage?

Pure Renew delivers a powerful boost of energy not found in any other drink on the market today. Renew contains a high vitamin content, various fruits, and antioxidants. Pure Renew also contains caffeine and will give you the energy you need within 6-10 minutes of consumption. Never before has an energy drink delivered such a powerful and long lasting boost of adrenaline with no crash later. With only 50 calories and just 12 grams of cane sugar, Renew truly redefines the concept of healthy energy. Lastly, Renew contains cutting edge supplements like Quercetin, Fucoidan and Choline.

To read more about Pure Renew, click here.

Pure Revolution has lived up to and exceeded its own name by redefining and revolutionizing the expectations found in an 8.4 oz carbonated beverage. Pure Revolution delivers over 12 kinds of fruits and vegetables in each can, is all natural, contains high levels of vitamins and boasts an antioxidant level not normally found in a 8.4 oz beverage. Feel free to indulge daily as Revolution has no caffeine, artificial coloring or flavoring. This is truly a healthy beverage packed with the daily nutrients your body needs, no matter what age. To read more about Pure Revolution, click here.

When it comes to sexual enhancement, most products are found in pill form and cater only to men. As is our nature, we corrected those dishonors by creating Pure Passion for him and for her. We designed Pure Passion with only the finest of natural ingredients, vitamins, fruits and a unique proprietary blend of intimacy enhancing supplements that will improve those special moments with a loved one. Passion is low in sugar, low in calories and tastes as amazing as the results you'll receive after consuming. Drink daily to improve overall performance and 30-45 minutes before sexual activity. To read more about Pure Passion, click here.

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Now How do I get Paid?

Now you may ask, How do I get started? Well that's real simple.

First: go to pur3x.com/deweymcleod

Next: click the little button that says "join Pur3x"

From here you will fill out the information boxes and your in. You should receive you first shipment in about a week, but don't wait to start. Get started right away. Contact me and I will help you make a Plan of action to build your business.

As always Thanks and Be blessed,

Dewey McLeod

Pur3x Distributor and trainer

contact me at dewey@mysuccess-story.com

or call and leave a message at 770 548 1118

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